Why I Became a Tech Influencer on Instagram

When I was younger, I always knew that I wanted a job related to technology. I was not sure about what I would be doing, but I knew that tech and gadgets would be a major part of the job. As I got older, I realized that what I loved the most about tech was getting to try different products. I loved comparing how different items worked and recommending the best one to my friends.

That is when I realized that I should become an Instagram influencer. While I will not say that it is an easy path or career, I do believe that it is very rewarding for me. Each person is different. I have always liked attention and I have always wanted other people to hear what I have to say. And being an influencer gives me an outlet for both of those desires.

Becoming an Influencer

Anyone who tells you that it is easy to become an influencer is lying. If you have not done anything in the public sphere, you will have a hard time getting followers. A lot of people assume that if you are physically attractive, it will be an easy process. But it is not. I spent many years building up my following to what it is right now.

And I will admit that I had a few points when I researched how to buy Instagram followers. I can also tell you that I did eventually use the process of buying followers, likes and comments to my advantage. It helped to boost my accounts in the moments when I needed it the most.

If you are thinking about buying followers, I will tell you that you must do it in an organic way. What does that mean? It means that you have to ensure that your ratio of followers, likes and comments is always accurate. If you are just getting a lot of followers but your activity on posts remains the same, anyone with a brain can tell that you bought followers.

Perks of an Instagram Influencer

Every influencer will tell you different perks regarding this job. As someone who is working with tech products, I believe that getting the latest gadgets is one of the nicest aspects of working as an influencer. When a new smartphone, computer or gaming console is launched, I am often invited to these events.

While I do not get a free product each time, I often get the chance to try out the items. And I also get exclusive access that can help me get even more followers. In most cases, it makes sense for me to buy a great product to review it – as I end up getting more money through sponsorships on those and future posts.

Anyone who wants to work as an influencer should be aware that it is far from being an easy profession. You will have to put a lot of work into this process. If you think that you can just skate by, you may want to find another profession!

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